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New Blog!


July 19, 2017 by Annie

Hey, Everyone! Please visit my new blog dedicated to Walt Disney World! Here’s the link: Thanks! -Annie 😉

Student blogging challenge/ Week 3


October 20, 2016 by Annie

  Photo Credit:   “ I got tickets for us to go on a Hawaii cruise for a week …
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Student blogging Challenge/ Week 2


October 15, 2016 by Annie

Hey, guys! This post is going to be on how to comment! The first thing I would do is read …
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Student blogging challenge / week 1


October 8, 2016 by Annie

Hey, guys! This is my second post for the student blogging challenge. My first post was my all about me …
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Wensday June 27


July 26, 2016 by Annie


A trip to Canada’s wonderland


July 9, 2016 by Annie

Hello guys! So on Saturday, I went to Canada’s Wonderland with my BFF Anna! So first we went on a …
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A backwards day


June 27, 2016 by Annie

First, you would wake up. But you would still be very tired like you have not slept! It is 9:00pm …
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The Bird feeder contest and Eco-stars


June 25, 2016 by Annie

Hello guys! So a few weeks ago the grade 5’s in my school went to this two-day camp! It was …
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Great Wolf Lodge


June 14, 2016 by Annie

Hey guys! Yesterday I went to Great Wolf Lodge! (This was not actually yesterday, this was actually last weekend, on June 4th. I just …
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PowToon and suggestions


May 30, 2016 by Annie

Sup 😎 😂 Today I am going to talk about PowToon and some other things. Let’s start with PowToon. I …
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