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All about me

After I started my blog, you might not know that much about me yet.  In this post, you will be learning more about me!


As you already know, my name is Annie.

I love bunnies and cats.

Dancing is one of my favorite sports and I love eating jellybeans.

If I could get a pet it would be a fish, cat or a guinea pig.

My best friend is named Anna and she loves hockey. I am in grade 6.

In the summer I like to eat ice-cream with my favorite topping and food, jellybeans!

I like ketchup on my hotdog but no mustard. ( That was so random)

I’m very lucky because next month in ,November, I’m going to Disney! Of course, it’s still October but that means Halloween!

Now let me talk about my family. I have a sister brother mom and dad. My sister’s name is Haylee and my brother’s name is Henry.

My personality is very quiet.

As I mentioned before dancing is one of my favorite sports. My top favorite is rhythmic gymnastics. Anyway speaking of sports I also do swimming.

My favorite color is turquoise and I want my umbrella to be very turquoise. ( Random again, but true )

Winter is one of my favorite seasons because my birthday is in winter. I have never played the xylophone before.

Did you know that I saw baby pandas this summer at the zoo?


I hope you learned a bit about me in this a-z paragraph.

I forgot to mention one thing, this year I am going to be participating in the student blogging challenge and this post is for it!

– Annie 😉

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